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How does RewardGamer work?

Create Rewards for their products
Users complete Advertisers' Rewards
Provide revenue for completed Rewards
Compensate their users for completed Rewards

What are Rewards?

Rewards are created by RewardGamer Advertisers - they pay an amount (set by RewardGamer Advertisers) to RewardGamer Publishers for the completion of an offer.

What are the advantages of Rewards over traditional advertising?

With traditional advertising (cost per click or cost per impression), there is no connection between the customer, the ad publisher, and the advertiser.

RewardGamer creates a relationship between each of these individuals through Rewards, when a Publisher's offer is completed (ie. a purchase is made or service is signed-up for), each is "Rewarded" for their part in the transaction.

Rewards provide an additional incentive for potentional customers. A customer looking to purchase a certain product may see a Reward posted on a Publisher's site. The Reward provides some non-cash bonus (set by the Publisher) to the potentional customer. If they customer makes a purchase through that Reward, they receive compensation from the Publisher, and the Publisher receives revenue from the Advertiser.

What are Offers?

Offers are determined by RewardGamer Advertisers, they can be anything from purchasing a product to signing-up for service.

How do Publishers earn revenue from completed Offers?

Publishers determine a Conversion Rate - this gives their users, who complete the Rewards some alternative form of compensation (in-game currency, membership time, etc.) for completing a Reward. Completed Rewards generate revenue for RewardGamer Publishers, who then compensate their user (based on the Conversion Rate they set).

How do Rewards differ from traditional advertising?

Rewards have several advantages of traditional impression or click-based advertising:

  • Instead of simply paying for a potential customer's interest in a product or service (by clicking on an advertisement). RewardGamer allows advertisers to only pay when new customers are aquired: a purchase is made or a service is signed-up for.
  • For publishers, RewardGamer allows for an additional boost in revenue that does not interfer with any additional advertising services the site may be running.
  • Lastly, there's no cost to sign-up or to use RewardGamer!

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