Revenue Alternatives for Online Advertisers and Publishers
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A new approach to advertising! - RewardGamer allows you to market products and services, while only paying when new customers are acquired.

There is no fee to setup a RewardGamer account, and Advertisers retain complete control over the amount they pay per new customer.

Why be a RewardGamer Advertiser?

  • No Cost to Sign-up
  • Pay only for the new customers you aquire
  • You determine the amount you pay per new customer!

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Publishers - Join Now

Earn revenue without covering your website with ads - RewardGamer offers an alternative to advertising that pays you for "Rewards" that are completed by your users.

RewardGamer can also be used in conjunction with traditional advertising to earn additional revenue for your website.

Why be a RewardGamer Publisher?

  • No Cost to Sign-up
  • Earn revenue without displaying advertisements on your site
  • Automatic Reward processing and updating requires minimal maintence!

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